Accounting homework help

Homework help is to be distinguished from private tuition. Where the purpose of private tutoring is to deepen the lessons and teach students new things, homework assistance must above all (as its name suggests) help the student in the performance of these assignments, ensure that they are well done and help the student to understand what he or she is doing.

Homework assistance is most often provided to students from primary to senior high school. But be careful, the student’s role is to help, not to do homework for the student. Unlike private tutoring, homework assistance often does not require prior preparation.

What accounting homework help involve

Homework help and tutoring

This service allows students to have tutoring sessions on a weekly basis. This is very beneficial because it allows the tutor to follow the student’s academic progress and can quickly clarify all the questions of the student.

Preparation for an exam

This service allows the student to meet a tutor a few days before the exam to clarify his misunderstandings and to make an adequate preparation for his exam. In addition, the tutor will prepare a revision plan which will summarize all the concepts.

School catch-up

This service is offered to students with academic difficulties in one or more subjects. With the help of daily or weekly meetings with a tutor, the student will have the opportunity to counter his difficulties by reviewing all the concepts he has not assimilated well. This will allow him to catch up with his schooling. In addition, this service is highly beneficial for student-athletes who are frequently absent from classes.

Semi-private tutoring

Semi-private tutoring offers the possibility of grouping students in order to benefit from the presence of a tutor. This option is applicable to all our tutoring services and saves money.

What are the benefits of using virtual help?

Online tutoring allows you great flexibility and speed. Indeed, this service offers the possibility of making meetings of a variable duration and this, as soon as possible. For example, you can schedule a meeting of only 20 minutes so that the tutor explains a number you do not understand in your homework. One-off tutorials are particularly beneficial for students who want quick help to clarify some concepts before an exam. In addition, this allows students outside Montreal to receive help in specific courses.

What is the deadline to schedule an online tutoring meeting?

When you apply for online help, simply indicate the date and time you want to meet. One of our tutors will call you before the chosen time slot to discuss with you your difficulties as well as the objectives of your session.

Tutoring can help get that little extra explanation, which is missed at school. Tutoring is often only taken for one problem subject. However, both also have their disadvantages. With homework counseling, the material is often not discussed under supervision, so that the child still has to find it out. Tutoring is often only for one hour, so there is usually no opportunity to practice independently. Ideally, you choose a solution that combines the best of both worlds: intensive explanation, but also the opportunity to practice well yourself.

Often there is some homework given at primary school, which is still easy to oversee. As a parent you grow with your children and the progress of the homework. As long as the child understands most subjects (or when the parent is very good in the subjects), this can work fine. Not all parents like to play a policeman (“Just go to your homework!”, “Have you finished everything?”, Etc.), for example, others can not help out due to time constraints.

At different locations throughout the country, pupils can follow homework counseling after school. That does not only mean that they can get to work with their homework in peace and quiet. It also means that professional supervisors map out the personal learning needs of each student and respond to them. In this way they can offer every student the right personal guidance to tackle the cause of their disappointing performance . For example, by delving deeper into difficult curriculum and paying more attention to making plans .

Homework help helps students come into a fine study routine and ensures that they no longer lag behind with homework . They see their results improve and in this way gain confidence and enjoyment in learning. And, not unimportant: they leave time for the necessary relaxation.